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Getting started: Hints and tips



We have decided to use Slack as our primary communication tool for Feedback Loop.

Slack is a great little application that supports a wide range of operating systems and mobile devices, and gives us the ability to create team-wide communication channels, share files, and message privately, all free of charge.

Read on for some notes about Feedback Loop, and about Slack. Please consider making the changes below, and help us to build a better feedback collective <3

Make sure Slack is letting you know what’s happening

In its default state, the only way for Feedback Loop members to be made aware of new feedback requests is if they happen to have the Slack app open. This is obviously less than ideal. We want members to be able to make feedback requests, and receive that feedback in a timely fashion.

A great feature of Slack is that notification preferences are channel-specific. This means that if we ensure that the feedback-requests channel notifies everyone for every post, we’ll all be aware of requests as they arrive. It also means that the feedback-requests channel should ONLY be used for creating new feedback requests.

To solve this, go into your slack settings for the feedback-requests channel…1-menu

…and make the following selections

2-notification settings

If, however, you don’t want a bunch of new notifications, it would be a good idea to set up some sort of reminder, prompting you to open the app and see what requests are pending.

Be active in the community

Feedback Loop will only be effective if its community is responsive! If you have ever received feedback that has helped you to grow, please return the favour in kind by making your time and expertise available to others that need it.

Remember that the #general and #random channels are there for chat about anything and everything, and can be a great place to collaboratively come up with new ideas for Feedback Loop. Let’s be pals!

Feedback Loop isn’t just for writers, channels can be created and archived with relative ease, so if anyone would like to make use of channels for art, games, photography, or anything else, just let us know! Send a direct message in the app, or send an email to

Please keep unpublished work private

Slack is a closed community, but entry requirements are not stringent. Please remember that any unpublished work posted to any of the channels can be viewed by everyone on the team, and could be made public if someone decided to breach our trust.

If the work you require feedback on is sensitive in nature, please ensure that it is shared privately, and not on any of the team channels. Post your feedback request, noting that you have work that needs looking at, and only share the work with the individuals that offer to help. Remind them (in writing) that the work is private, and have them agree to keep it that way.

Remember Slack’s local clients

There are local clients for Slack available for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, and a Windows Phone app is on the way. The mobile clients allow you to switch from email activity notifications to mobile notifications, which may be more convenient for you.

Give us feedback on our feedback collective!

If you have any suggestions for how Feedback Loop could be improved, on the tool we’ve chosen, or if would like to let us know what you like about the collective, please send an email to,


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